Jul 18, 2014 Fri 2:56 PM by justbu5@yahoo.com

Summer league rain outs are now posted!

Jul 10, 2014 Thu 2:41 PM by usaRaydar

It's time to sign up for the 2014 Fall Season! Register early before your preferred night is full as the double-header leagues are always popular. Have your summer league team continue playing in the fall or get a new team together. Don't forget fall ball is more relaxed and all about playing for fun!

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Jun 30, 2014 Mon 4:28 PM by justbu5@yahoo.com

All games canceld for 6/30/2014. 

May 15, 2014 Thu 12:16 PM by justbu5@yahoo.com

There is some incorrect information put out to teams that you do not have to have a valid roster until the end of season tournament.  THIS IS INCORRECT. YOU MUST HAVE A VALID ROSTER AND WAIVERS BY YOUR NEXT WEEK OF PLAY which is the week of 5/18/2014.   

You can be roster checked by any team at any time after the 5/18/2014 week of play. 

If you do not have a vaild waiver to play next week  starting 5/18/2014 you will not be allowed to play until you do.

IF you are having problems updating your team roster you need to contact RAY COMPTON his email is located on the contact tab at top of page.

Thank you, Scott Oliver 


May 10, 2010 Mon 1:51 AM by usaRaydar
You can now add yourself to team rosters. When viewing a team click on the "Roster" tab and you will see a link beneath the roster list to "Add yourself to roster."  Registered players no longer have to rely on team managers to add you to the roster. Existing teammates are then able to confirm you. This will allow more of you to take advantage of  the features in the "MyProfile" section. There's a few other minor updates but that's the biggie.
6:00 PM FH1 FH1 Kishwaukee Tap at T6 Broadband
6:00 PM FH3 FH3 Busters Bar & G at Lutsch Dentistr
7:00 PM FH1 FH1 Forest Hills Di at Anytime Fitness
7:00 PM FH3 FH3 Nuclear Assault at Matthew's team
8:00 PM FH1 FH1 Forest Hills Di at Loves Park Chir
8:00 PM FH3 FH3 Second Cousins at Smith Restorati
9:00 PM FH1 FH1 D & S Marine at Jessica's team
6:30 PM FH2 FH2 Shooters North at Blackhawk AC
7:30 PM FH2 FH2 Forest Hills Di at Forest Hills Di
8:30 PM FH2 FH2 Bad Beat at Neighbors B & G
6:00 PM FH1 FH1 Ocean Blue Truc at Wupco Shell
6:00 PM FH2 FH2 Neighbors Bar & at Forest Hills Di
7:00 PM FH1 FH1 R.B.I. at JD Star/Neighbo
7:00 PM FH2 FH2 Stateline Staff at Neighbors Grill
8:00 PM FH1 FH1 Shooters DCL at Sports Page
8:00 PM FH2 FH2 Lowes Distribut at Shooters N/Swee
9:00 PM FH1 FH1 Shooters North at IBEW
9:00 PM FH2 FH2 Pokie's Cafe at Franklin Displa
6:30 PM FH3 FH3 Rainbow Separat at Blackhawk Athle
7:30 PM FH3 FH3 Shooters North at Busters Bar