2018 Labor Day League Tournament
Jul 23, 2018 Mon 3:50 PM by usaRaydar

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2018 Fall Ball Registration
Jul 23, 2018 Mon 12:00 AM by usaRaydar

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League Rosters
Jul 9, 2018 Mon 12:00 AM by justbu5@yahoo.com
To: All summer leagues From: SCOTTIE Subject: Team Rosters I have noticed that many teams do not have a completed team roster. Team captains need to make sure you have a up to date roster posted. Some teams have been roster checking other teams, if your team does not have a up to date roster and your team is roster checked it will be a forfeit. Please get your team roster current.
Park Rules
May 21, 2018 Mon 12:00 AM by justbu5@yahoo.com


1) No outside food or drink

2) No outside Alcohol 

3) No dogs or pets. Service dogs are allowed 

4) No skateboards or scooters.

5) No outside coolers. Teams or players may have coolers for water and sports drinks.

Offensive Stats
Apr 25, 2017 Tue 12:50 AM by usaRaydar

Teams or individuals can now keep track of offensive (batting/kicking) stats in softball as well as kickball. To enter stats go to your team's page and click "Stats Edit" and use the form to enter the stats. You MUST be on the roster to edit the stats and only players on the roster can have their stats entered. Any player on the roster can edit their own individual stats or their entire team's if they desire. There is also a log that keeps track of who entered stats and what stats were edited to help keep people honest.

Stats are able to be viewed in "Team-view" as well as "league-view" and can be filtered by team. They are also sortable by each column by clicking on the column header. Eventually they will also be viewable in the "Player-view" section when I expand and improve that area. If stat-keeping becomes popular I will also consider an option to filter stats by last 3 games (selectable number?) to provide a recent summary. I may also consider adding graphs as well for better visualization.

An example of "League-view" stats can be found here:  2017 Summer Softball Thursday Fantasy League

Next Games
Thursday Men Fantasy Thu 8/16/2018
6:00 PM FH2
team Scarpetta at team Hastings
6:45 PM FH2
team Porchia at team Andrews
7:45 PM FH1
team Page at team Montes
7:45 PM FH2
team Jalen at team Nolan
Monday Men Mon 8/20/2018
6:00 PM FH2
? at ?
6:45 PM FH2
Forest Hills/The Bat Shack at ?
7:45 PM FH2
? at ?
Tuesday Men Tue 8/21/2018
6:00 PM FH2
? at ?
6:45 PM FH2
? at ?
7:45 PM FH2
? at ?
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