May 10, 2010 Mon 1:51 AM by usaRaydar
You can now add yourself to team rosters. When viewing a team click on the "Roster" tab and you will see a link beneath the roster list to "Add yourself to roster."  Registered players no longer have to rely on team managers to add you to the roster. Existing teammates are then able to confirm you. This will allow more of you to take advantage of  the features in the "MyProfile" section. There's a few other minor updates but that's the biggie.
Apr 27, 2010 Tue 5:24 PM by usaRaydar
Player profiles are now active on the website. In the sports section, click on "My Profile" and follow the instructions on what you need to do. Team managers are already setup in the profiles. The only thing left for managers to do is to create an account on the website and register your player to your user account. Once the player is registered to your user account you may then edit the profile. Team managers may also add players throughout the season and manage the team rosters online. If you have any problems or questions concerning player profiles, team management, or other aspects of the website contact me at raydar300 at gmail dot com. Playball!
Apr 11, 2010 Sun 8:15 PM by Administrator
The new interactive site is here!  It will allow faster updates to news, information, standings, and much more! Team managers will have access to instantly edit rosters as well as check other rosters. Individual players will be able to sign in and setup email notifications on canceled games for instant notification - no more calling the hotline all day! Print out waiver forms with information for each player ready to sign. Sign up for leagues online. Individual players can also print out their personal schedules that will come in handy for those playing in multiple leagues. So many more features to come.
6:00 PM FH3 FH3 Lowe's Night Sh vs United Sanitation Service
6:45 PM FH3 FH3 Boomers I vs Damage Inc
7:45 PM FH3 FH3 Haley's team vs Skull Crackers
8:15 PM FH2 FH2 Belvidere vs FHL Slap a Pitch
6:00 PM FH1 FH1 Land Star/Shoot vs Papa Giovannis
6:30 PM FH2 FH2 Hinkle vs Fo Sho
6:45 PM FH1 FH1 UBE/KKap Topper vs Buster's Bar & Grill II
7:15 PM FH2 FH2 JM Delivery vs Team RCR
7:45 PM FH1 FH1 Nick's Homerunn vs RRM Real Estate
6:00 PM FH1 FH1 2nd Cousins/Hea vs DCL Shooters
6:00 PM FH2 FH2 Haymakers Softb vs
6:45 PM FH1 FH1 Red Rockets vs Forest Hills/Band of Bruthas
6:45 PM FH2 FH2 Forest Hills/Mi vs Big E's Bulldogs
7:45 PM FH1 FH1 Backyard Grill vs Shooters North III
7:45 PM FH2 FH2 Custom vs Infinity Softball I