USSSA Waiver Form
Jun 21, 2020 Sun 1:00 PM by usaRaydar

USSSA is asking all teams to fill out this waiver before the start of 2020 league play. This is very similar to the standard tournament waivers most of us have signed before. We're only a few days away!

Don't forget there will be a mangers meeting held Wednesday June 24 at 6:30 pm for all team mangers on the diamonds.

USSSA 2020 Waiver

Website Updates: Player Agent, Notifications
Jul 24, 2019 Wed 12:00 AM by usaRaydar

Player Agent: We've all wanted to say we have an agent to recruit us to play in a league. Now you can say that! Are you looking to play in more leagues? Are you looking for players for your team? Now you can do both with the Player Agent feature. If you're looking to play in more leagues you can simply select which days you can play then others can be aware you are available to play and can recruit you. If you're a manager or looking to put a team together you can view players available on any particular night and invite them to play on your team. Instant notifications are included with Player Agent so you can instantly be notified if somebody wants you on their team and also when a player accepts the invitation to play.

Be sure to visit your Player Agent to find teams for the upcoming fall leagues!!

Notifications:Speaking of notifications...Notifications have been upgraded. You may now have up to 5 different notification addresses (email and/or phone) to be notified instantly of game cancellations and Player Agent activity. Be sure to update your notification settings so you can take advantage of this great feature. Literally hundreds of players have already used the notifications to instantly know when a game has been canceled instead of relying on being told by somebody else or worse yet...finding out after arriving at Forest Hills.

Online Rosters - Self-adding
May 10, 2010 Mon 1:51 AM by usaRaydar
You can now add yourself to team rosters. When viewing a team click on the "Roster" tab and you will see a link beneath the roster list to "Add yourself to roster."  Registered players no longer have to rely on team managers to add you to the roster. Existing teammates are then able to confirm you. This will allow more of you to take advantage of  the features in the "MyProfile" section. There's a few other minor updates but that's the biggie.
Website Update: Player Profiles
Apr 27, 2010 Tue 5:24 PM by usaRaydar
Player profiles are now active on the website. In the sports section, click on "My Profile" and follow the instructions on what you need to do. Team managers are already setup in the profiles. The only thing left for managers to do is to create an account on the website and register your player to your user account. Once the player is registered to your user account you may then edit the profile. Team managers may also add players throughout the season and manage the team rosters online. If you have any problems or questions concerning player profiles, team management, or other aspects of the website contact me at raydar300 at gmail dot com. Playball!
Next Games
Tuesday Men Tue 8/4/2020
6:00 PM FH1
Firehouse Pub at Dave team
6:00 PM FH2
Baney Construction at Louisville Sluggers
6:45 PM FH1
BDs at Teague team
6:45 PM FH2
Dadbods at ZackS team
7:45 PM FH1
Pete team at Relacements
7:45 PM FH2
Mark team at Travis team
8:45 PM FH1
J-Bear at Sean Team
8:45 PM FH2
Precision Quincy at Misfits/Bloyer Well & Pump
Thursday Mixed Thu 8/6/2020
6:00 PM FH1
Arkay at FHD/Shooter's North
6:00 PM FH3
Thermo Fisher at Hot Swings
6:45 PM FH1
Tm Nicholas at Tm Taylor
6:45 PM FH3
Tm Kristin at Tm Austin
7:45 PM FH1
S&J Sealcoating at Tm Brittany
7:45 PM FH3
Tm Justin at Top Notch
8:45 PM FH3
Tm Justin at Tm Kathy
Sunday Men Sun 8/9/2020
5:00 PM FH1
UBE Softball at FHD
5:00 PM FH2
Fo Sho at Team Tanner
5:45 PM FH1
Kekambas at Neighbors Bar & Grill
5:45 PM FH2
Team Kevin at The Walkoffs
6:45 PM FH1
Reapers at Team Derik
6:45 PM FH2
Team Fiorucci at Team Zackary
7:45 PM FH1
Troublesome 96 at Murphy's
7:45 PM FH2
Don Carter Lanes at Kicfler
Sunday Mixed Sun 8/9/2020
4:00 PM FH3
Tm David at Mindgames
4:45 PM FH3
Forest Hills/TBS at Klonicki-RBI
5:45 PM FH3
Neighbor's at Summer's Turf
6:45 PM FH3
Carrie's Pooch Paradise at Tm Bryan
7:45 PM FH3
Tm Chad at Tm Tyler
Tuesday Men Tue 8/11/2020
6:00 PM FH1
Misfits/Bloyer Well & Pump at Sean Team
6:00 PM FH2
Relacements at Travis team
6:45 PM FH1
Dave team at Pete team
6:45 PM FH2
J-Bear at Teague team
7:45 PM FH1
Precision Quincy at Mark team
7:45 PM FH2
BDs at Louisville Sluggers
8:45 PM FH1
ZackS team at Baney Construction
8:45 PM FH2
Firehouse Pub at Dadbods