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Wednesday RIAA league 7-14-21
Jul 14, 2021 Wed 12:00 AM by
Wednesday RIAA league 7-15-21 is canceled do to weather conditions
UPDATE to diamond 3 bat rule.
May 27, 2021 Thu 12:00 AM by

Starting 5-27-2021 if men want to use your own bat on  diamond 3 it must be approved by John or me (Scottie) once it’s approved we will place a sticker on it. This sticker must be on the bat if you want to use it no exceptions. It must also meet the requirements already posted. John and I will be available tonight on Diamond 1 to approve bats. I will also be out there Sunday June 13th to approve bats.

This includes bats we already approved you must have the sticker. 

Thursday leagues weather conditions
May 27, 2021 Thu 12:00 AM by
Do to weather conditions and the forecast for tonight all Thursday leagues are canceled. 5-27-2021. We will make up all games at end of season. 
Diamond 3 League bat rule
May 2, 2021 Sun 12:00 AM by

Starting 5-2-2021 all games played on Diamond 3 Men must use a single wall aluminum bat 1 piece only no composite bats.  FHD will provided bats for you on the field or you may use your own single wall aluminum bat. It must have the USSSA bat stamp and be presented to the umpire before game begins for inspection. Woman may use any bat that has the USSSA stamp on it.   

This is only for diamond 3 does not affect Diamond 1-2 Men can use their own bats  

Website Updates: Player Agent, Notifications
Jul 24, 2019 Wed 12:00 AM by usaRaydar

Player Agent: We've all wanted to say we have an agent to recruit us to play in a league. Now you can say that! Are you looking to play in more leagues? Are you looking for players for your team? Now you can do both with the Player Agent feature. If you're looking to play in more leagues you can simply select which days you can play then others can be aware you are available to play and can recruit you. If you're a manager or looking to put a team together you can view players available on any particular night and invite them to play on your team. Instant notifications are included with Player Agent so you can instantly be notified if somebody wants you on their team and also when a player accepts the invitation to play.

Be sure to visit your Player Agent to find teams for the upcoming fall leagues!!

Notifications:Speaking of notifications...Notifications have been upgraded. You may now have up to 5 different notification addresses (email and/or phone) to be notified instantly of game cancellations and Player Agent activity. Be sure to update your notification settings so you can take advantage of this great feature. Literally hundreds of players have already used the notifications to instantly know when a game has been canceled instead of relying on being told by somebody else or worse yet...finding out after arriving at Forest Hills.

Next Games
Tuesday Men Tue 7/27/2021
6:15 PM FH1
Neighbors at Sean's Sharks
6:15 PM FH2
PDC at Meirtran
7:15 PM FH1
Derick's Dominators at Band of Bruthas
7:15 PM FH2
Firehouse Pub at J-Bear
Coors Light Thursday Thu 7/29/2021
6:00 PM FH2
Warriors at Shooters
6:45 PM FH2
Warriors at FHD / SN
7:45 PM FH2
Iconic Energy at Meirtran