Player register allows you to do the following:
  • Edit profile information.
  • Upload a profile picture.
  • Set up notifications.
  • Join team rosters.
  • Electronically sign waivers good for all leagues for the year.
  • View and print your personal schedule for all your leagues.
  • Please note: Address and birth year are private. Only the city and state are public and birthdays omit the year. This information may be required for waivers and official documentation of league rosters and should be filled out completely.
  1. Login to the website.
  2. To register (link) a player to your website account you must first be logged into the website.
    You ARE NOT logged in.
    Click here to login
  3. Find or create your player profile.
  4. Go to your player profile. You may find it on a team you're on or use the player listings and search for your name.
    Player listings page
  5. Register your player profile.
  6. Once you are viewing your player profile you should see "Register" in the navigation bar. If not this player has already been registered on another account. Verify this player is you and register as you. This will bind your player profile to your account.
  7. Check for duplicates.
  8. You may find more than one listing of yourself as certain conditions make this possible. If this is the case you can use the same procedure to import this player to your account to eliminate duplicates.
This requires you to have a registered player (see help).
  1. Find your team.
  2. An easy way to find it a team is by browsing the leagues and selecting the league and the team you are on.
  3. Join Team.
  4. When viewing the team you will see a list of players on the roster with "Join team" at the bottom. Simply click there to request being added to the roster. You may not be able to join a team if you are already on another team in the same league.
  5. Wait for approval.
  6. You will show up on the roster right away however you will have a question icon before your name until you are approved by an official member of the team.
This requires you to have a registered player (see help).
  1. Go to your waiver page.
  2. Click here for your waiver page.
  3. Electronically sign waiver.
  4. Read and agree to the waiver and submit it. The waiver is good for the entire year and covers all leagues for the sport you agree to.
  5. TEAM MANAGERS: Printing
  6. Some players may not have access to a computer and cannot sign electronically. A hard copy will be required to be turned in and can be printed prefilled with the player's information. To do this go to your team and click "Manage" on the navbar. In "Roster" view you will see printing options at the bottom of the roster list.